Recommendation Rating Form (Blank)

Tall Clubs International Foundation

Recommendation Rating Form


In memory of Kae Sumner-Einfeldt, Virginia Linquist-Winker, Robert Rader and Carolyn Goldstein – Tall Clubs International Foundation awards annual scholarships to deserving High School Seniors in North America.  This link is provided for a Scholarship Recommendation to download a Student Recommendation Rating Form.  Once downloaded, please fill out the entire form.  When complete, follow the instructions on your original REFERENCE NEEDED email that was sent to you.

Here’s a downloadable Blank Copy of the Recommendation Rating Sheet in PDF format:

 Version to manually print out and sign manually:  TCI Foundation – Student Recommendation Rating Sheet – printable


Version to fill out via webform and sign manually:  TCI Foundation – Student Recommendation Rating Sheet – fillable

If you have any questions or need further assistance on filling out this Recommendation Form, please email



TCI Foundation Scholarship Committee

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