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TCI Foundation Scholarship Winners (2022)

Here’s is a list of all 2022 TCI Foundation Scholarship winners.  TCI #1 and TCIF #2-5 winners received $1200 each.  TCIF winners #6-16 received $1000 each.

(Important Acknowledgement:  TCI #1:  Kae Sumner Einfeldt Memorial Scholarship Award is the TOP winner!)

Individual PhotoNamed ScholarshipNameMember ClubScholarship Presentation Photo
TCI #1 - Kae Sumner Einfeldt Memorial ScholarshipSavannah B.Florida: Miami Skyliners
Not Applicable.
TCIF #2 - Virginia Linquist-Winker Memorial ScholarshipBrennan C.Michigan: Tip Toppers Club of Detroit
Not Applicable.
TCIF #3 - Robert Rader Memorial Scholarship (tie)Faith M.Colorado: Timberline Club of Denver
Not Applicable.
TCIF #4 - Robert Rader Memorial Scholarship (tie)Justin X.Oregon: Portland SkylinersNot Applicable.
TCIF #5 - Carolyn Goldstein Memorial ScholarshipKatherine T.Texas: Houston Area Tall Texans
Not Applicable.
TCIF #6Abbie W.Washington State: Seattle Tip Toppers
(Legacy Winner)
Not Applicable.
TCIF #7Andrew S.Illinois: Paramount Tall Club (Chicago)
Not Applicable.
TCIF #8Andrew W.Oklahoma: OKC Tall Club
TCIF #9Christian L.Arizona: Central Arizona Tall Society (Phoenix)
Not Applicable.
TCIF #10Deysia A.Massachusetts: Boston Beanstalks
TCIF #11Fallon R.California: Tall Club of Orange County (Anaheim)
TCIF #12Lauren B.Ohio: High Cincinnatians (Cincinnati)
Not Applicable.
TCIF #13Mary J.Wisconsin: Tall Club of Milwaukee (Milwaukee)
Not Applicable.
TCIF #14Ryan T.District of Columbia: Tall Club of Greater Washington DC
TCIF #15Sophia L.California: Sacramento Tall Club
Not Applicable.
TCIF #16Tyler H.California: California Tip Toppers (Los Angeles)
Not Applicable.

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