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Kennedy Cawley
District of Columbia: Tall Club of Greater Washington DC
Teacher’s Award - Calculus, Bishop O”Connell High School - 2023 (11th)
Parents’ Association Award Foxcroft School- 2022 (10th)
2nd Place 2022 Paul K. Bergen Poetry Festival (10th)
Parents’ Association Award Foxcroft School- 2021 (9th)
Elebash Award - Foxcroft School 2021 (9th)
National Latin Examination, Certificate of Honorable Merit - Maxima Cum Laude April 29, 2021 (9th)
National Science Honor Society, Bishop O’Connell High School - 2024 (12th)
National Math Honor Society, Bishop O’Connell High School - 2023 (12th)
National Honor Society Bishop O’Connell High School - 2023 (11th)
Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, Bishop O’Connell High School- 2023 (11th)
Bishop O’Connell - Manager Varsity Volleyball Team- 11th and 12th Grades
Foxcroft School - Varsity Volleyball Team- 9th & 10th Grades
GirlsUP Summer Camp Counselor- Led activities such as arts and crafts; provided guidance, motivation, and support to all campers; promoted teamwork and participation. (11th, 12th)

GirlsUP Holiday Cheer Service Project- collected and organized toiletries and snacks to give to victims of domestic abuse currently living in DC shelters. (11th, 12th)

GirlsUP Annual Bulldog 5K & Fun Run -organized activities for kids to do after the 5K. (Face painting, arts and crafts). GirlsUP donated the proceeds from the event to the Washington School for Girls. (11th, 12th)

GirlsUP “Do the Write Thing”- GirlsUP partnered with Free Minds Book Club and wrote letters and poetry to incarcerated teens in the DC area. (9th)
FBC Annual Backpack/School Supplies Drive — Youth Ministry of First Baptist Church of North Brentwood, MD. Collected and organized backpacks and school supplies for families in the North Brentwood neighborhood. (11th, 12th)

FBC Annual Pluck -A- Feather Event—Youth Ministry of First Baptist Church of North Brentwood, MD. Organized and delivered Thanksgiving baskets filled with food for families in Prince George’s County, MD. (11th, 12th)
Vice-President - 10th Grade Class
Vice-President - 9th Grade Class
The School of The New York Times - Online Explorations, Creative Writing Class (July-August 2023) (11th)
ENOUGH- Plays to End Gun Violence Competition - script was selected to be read at the Kennedy Center in November of 2023 (12th)
Moorenko's Ice Cream Shop- Washington, D.C.
Ice Cream Scooper/Cashier - June 2023- Present
Operate cash register, handle cash and credit card transactions
Greet customers
Takes inventory of supplies

Ice Rink Events- Enchant, Washington, D.C.
Ice Skate Guard - November 2022 - January 2023
Monitored activities during all public sessions
Reported patron disciplinary problems and complaints promptly to supervisor
Enforced facility rules for patrons’ enjoyment and safety
Assisted patrons in the event of injury
Assisted with the maintenance and care of the ice
Katherine Hurley
Clark Ragsdale
Wake Forest University
Caedmon Peterson
District of Columbia: Tall Club of Greater Washington DC
Please list ALL accomplishments (and MULTIPLE entries where applicable) in each category below!
IB Mid Atlantic Student Excellence Award and Scholarship (http://www.ibmidatlantic.org/Awards_2023.html)
PBS 20 Under 20 (https://studentreportinglabs.org/blog-posts/meet-2022s-20-under-20-young-storytellers/)
DC Waves Team Record - Male Open 200 Freestyle Relay
DC International Government Senior Communications Chai
DC International School Principal's List
National Honors Society
Boys Scouts of America Eagle Scout - Troop 33
USA Swimming - DC Waves National Team (9th to 12th)

DC Waves is Washington, DC’s competitive swim team for the city for student athletes competing in USA Swimming competitions. I'm good friends with my coach and all of my teammates and collectively we lift each other up to continue to improve. I decided to join swimming because I felt it would be a sport that I could really focus on personal improvement and it would also teach me discipline as our practices are very early in the morning, 5 - 7 AM five days a week. For me personally my best stroke is freestyle and breaststroke and I work with my coach to improve on these events. I've gone to several National swim meets and participated in my team's own Black History Swim meet which brings athletes from all across the east coast to participate. I have also helped break a team record in the 200 freestyle relay. I have also swam for PG pool where I broke several records on a local level and helped encourage and support other swimmers who were younger than me.
National Community Church - Washington, DC (9th to 12th)

National Community Church is a non-denominational Christian Church that seeks to uplift the Washington DC community and beyond. My family has been attending since I was born. The church has a mission of being in the middle of the market place and meets in a multi-use space (church, commercial performance venue, pre-school and soon to be small business incubator space) next to historic Navy Yard in Washington, DC called the Capitol Turnaround. On Sundays I volunteer my time in Sunday School classes working with kids to help teach them about our faith and be a positive influence. Additionally I am a student leader for the church's youth group and have assisted with a number of production projects including video and graphic design.
Homes not Borders - Non-profit who resettles refugees in Washington, DC area (9th to 12th)

During my high school years I've had the opportunity to participate in a number of service projects and activities to benefit others. I think the greatest of these projects was when I went to volunteer for Homes Not Borders. Homes Not Borders is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. They help refugees who have been displaced from foreign countries by providing them with a year's worth of rent for an apartment as well as all the furniture, hygiene and cooking supplies they would need. They do this by collecting donations and taking on volunteers to help set up the apartments. I started this work during Covid just before the US withdrew from Afghanistan in 2020. It was hard work, but I instantly saw the impact that it was making for families who had lost everything. These families were able to come to the United States and feel welcomed and given a place to live and start their new lives. I was also able to connect Homes not Borders with a friend of mine working on his Eagle Scout project and he was able to set up a drive to collect household goods and set up a tracking system to further support their mission. It has been awesome to see how far Homes Not Borders has come from being a small startup charity to now having their own equipment to move furniture and collect donations and a warehouse to store them in. This isn't work that I'm obligated to do, but it is work that I feel compelled to do and I will continue to volunteer as long as there is the need.
Student Government (11th to 12th)

I'd always wanted to be part of Student Government, but until my 11th grade year, I never felt there was a position that really suited my skill set. In the 11th grade when the position of Communications Chair was added to Student Government, I knew this was a role I could do well serving in. I've done a lot of work in video production and graphic design and I believed that these skills would help Student Government with advertising events and spreading awareness. I decided to run for the position and created a lot of promotional material including videos and posters to promote my campaign. I ended up winning the position and now work each week to help promote student events and coordinate with teachers and students. Even had I not won the position, I believe I still would have volunteered my services to Student Government because the work that they do benefits my school's community and I would want to support it.
Troop 33 Boy Scouts of America - Takoma Park, MD (9th to 12th)

Boy Scout is an international organization that helps kids get outdoors, learn numerous life skills, and create long-lasting friendships. Some of the highlights for me in Scouting are camping, cooking, high adventure and hiking. I also enjoy the opportunities that Scouting gives me to have a number of cool experiences. I have been to Philmont Scout Reservation, the largest Scout Reservation in the United States and done a 12-day backpacking trip over the course of 90 miles. I've also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and been a Senior Patrol Leader, the Scout who’s responsible for leading our entire 50 boys Troop. The number of things that Scouting has taught me and the memories that it has given me I'll remember for years to come.

Digital Media Class and TV Program - DC International School Dragon TV (9th to 12th)

Dragon TV is a digital media class and TV program that I helped found at my school in 2022. The class gives students an opportunity to get their first look at the film industry through the experience of producing a TV program for our school and community. I'm a producer on the show and I mainly work behind the camera although I have helped host different segments. I enjoy both the news coverage part of video production and also the artistic storytelling part. The classes taught me most of the things I know today about t video cameras, before Dragon TV I only had experiences in photography. I am also proficient in Premiere Pro as my editing software of choice, I can set up and conduct my own interviews, I can properly light scenes, and I am aware of proper camera settings and placement. The class is also allowed for me to participate in a number of things outside of school including PBS NewsHour Summer Academy and Student Television network.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Student Reporting Labs (SRL) (11th to 12th)

PBS NewsHour student reporting Labs is a division of PBS that specifically works with students in order to teach them about journalism and video. I have worked with them on a number of projects that have aired on PBS NewsHour Including a story called “Arizona camp teaches foster children cowboy skills”. In fact I worked on that story when I was attending the PBS NewsHour Summer Academy where I worked with industry professionals and other enthusiastic students. I've also had my work featured on the student reporting Labs website. One of my pieces was “These students are learning to cook global cuisine”. I was also one of PBS’s 20 under 20 student storytellers for 2022.
Lifeguard (9th to 12th)
Ashley Porter
Roy Rogers
Savannah College of Art and Design
Vicky Yan
Maryland: (Served by Tall Club of Greater Washington DC)
Sequel Art Category (1st Place) - 11th
FBLA Graphic Design (RLC 2nd place, SLC 3rd place) - 10th
Trinity College London: 9 Consecutive Distinctions in Piano - 9th, 10th, 11th
AP Scholar with Distinction - 11th
Maryland Science Olympiad: 4th place in Dynamic Planet - 11th
National English Honor Society - 10th, 11th
National Science Honor Society - 11th, 12th
International Thespian Honor Society (VP) - 11th, 12th
Lazers Red Softball 18U - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Varsity Badminton (Girls Singles 2) - 11th, 12th
JV Softball (Pitcher) - 10th, 11th
Arbor Initiative Book Donation Meeting Director - 11th, 12th
Key Club member - 10th, 11th, 12th
Executive organizer & performative musician (College Manor Nursing Home) - 11th, 12th
Baltimore Chinese School Teacher's Assistant - 9th, 10th
Sound volunteer (for school assemblies, Lunar New Year performances) - 10th, 11th, 12th
AP Music Theory Student of the Year - 11th
BCPS Composition Project (Exceptional Award) - 11th
Panera Bread - 10th, 11th
University of Louisiana at Lafayette internship - 11th
Stephen Shaw
John Wagner
Carnegie Mellon University
Scholarship Coordinator (You)
Brian Shorb
13118 Parson Lane Fairfax, Virginia 22033 US
Tyler Morris
Maryland: (Served by Tall Club of Greater Washington DC)
Championship Baseball Traveling Team Tournaments - Three 1st Place Trophies (2003-2004)
Grade 12: Weighted GPA 3.2
(Pls. note - will send updated transcript)
Grade 9 Jr. Varsity Baseball - Pitcher
Grade 11 Varsity Baseball - Pitcher
Grade 12 Varsity Baseball - Pitcher
10th Grade Leveling the Planning Field – organized warehouse sports equipment for easier/efficient distribution to underprivileged
11th Grade Baltimore Hunger Organized Food Baskets for delivery
12th Grade Baltimore Hunger Organized Food Baskets for delivery
10th Grade Leveling the Planning Field – organized warehouse sports equipment for easier/efficient distribution to underprivileged
11th Grade Baltimore Hunger Organized Food Baskets for delivery
12th Grade Baltimore Hunger Organized Food Baskets for delivery
Championship Baseball Traveling Team Tournaments - Three 1st Place Trophies (2003-2004)
Katie Owens
Max Jenellaro
Lincoln University of Pennslyvania
Samuel Landon
Maryland: (Served by Tall Club of Greater Washington DC)
I have earned the recognition of Principal's Honor Roll each quarter for having straight A's throughout my high school career, as well as Superintendent's Honor Roll for each semester. This includes the two quarters I have completed so far in my Senior year.

- 1st Award Date: November 14, 2020 - 9th grade
- 2nd Award Date: January 30, 2021 - 9th grade
- 3rd Award Date: April 15, 2021 - 9th grade
- 4th Award Date: June 19, 2021 - 9th grade
- 5th Award Date: November 13, 2021 - 10th grade
- 6th Award Date: January 29, 2022 - 10th grade
- 7th Award Date: April 9, 2022 - 10th grade
- 8th Award Date: June 22, 2022 - 10th grade
- 9th Award Date: November 5, 2022 - 11th grade
- 10th Award Date: January 25, 2023 - 11th grade
- 11th Award Date: April 1, 2023 - 11th grade
- 12th Award Date: June 17, 2023 - 11th grade
- 13th Award Date: November 1, 2023 - 12th grade
- 14th Award Date: January 19, 2024 - 12th grade

I have been awarded the honor of AP Scholar with Distinction by the College Board for having taken 6 AP tests to date and having scored a 5 on all of these exams.

- Date of Accreditation: July 5, 2023 - End of 11th grade

I was named the Broadneck High School student of the month twice during my High School career, once in my Freshman year and once in my Sophomore year.

- Date of Freshman award: October 2020 - 9th grade
- Date of Sophomore award: October 2021 - 10th grade

I was awarded the 2024 STEM Student of Excellence -- 1st Place Award Winner for Anne Arundel County Public Schools

- Date of Award: February 2024 - 12th grade
I was inducted into and am currently serving as a member of the Broadneck chapter of the National Honor Society. In my Senior year, I was selected to be the head science tutor for the organization.

- Induction Date: March 4, 2022 - 10th grade
- Member duration: March 4, 2022 to present - 10th to 12th grade
- Position duration: January 8, 2024 to present - 12th grade

I was inducted into, and am currently serving as a member of, the Broadneck chapter of the Science National Honor Society.

- Induction Date: May 17, 2022 - 10th grade
- Member Duration: May 17, 2022 to present - 10th grade to 12th grade

I was inducted into, and am currently serving as a member of, Broadneck's Math Honor Society. In my Senior year, I was elected to serve as a co-captain and co-coordinator of our competitive mathematics team.

- Induction Date: June 15, 2022 - 10th grade
- Member Duration: June 15, 2022 to present - 10th grade to 12th grade
- Election to Officer Position: October 15, 2023 - 12th grade

I was inducted into and am currently serving as a member of the Broadneck chapter of Rho Kappa.

- Induction Date: October 2, 2023 - 12th grade
- Member Duration: October 2, 2023 to present -12th grade
Varsity Boys Cross Country – Broadneck High School

Timeline: September 2023 – November 2023 - 12th grade

- Competed in Varsity A team for cross country in multiple races.
- Practiced Monday through Friday, multi-school meets on Saturdays.
- Alternate runner for Maryland State Championship.

Recreational Soccer

Timeline: March 2022—June 2022 - 10th grade
- Competed in a recreational soccer league.
- Played the position of center back.

Club Soccer

Timeline: September 2020—June 2021 - 9th grade

- Competed in the National Capital Soccer League in the under-18 age group as a freshman and previously as a middle school student.
- Played the position of goalkeeper.

Individual Athletics:


Timeline: December 2022—June 2023 - 11th grade

- Competed as an individual member of the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team in a cycling criterium race.
Organization: City of Refuge Baltimore

Grade: 9-11


- I worked with City of Refuge Baltimore for my Eagle Scout project. I designed, coordinated, and constructed an amphitheater with the intent that the structure would serve as an outdoor classroom and aid the charity in their educational efforts.
- I Helped construct industrial-sized compost bins for the community garden.
- I Helped construct a gaga ball pit to provide a positive outlet for the youth in the community.
- I served in the breakfast production and distribution line as the charity provides meals for the surrounding community.
- I helped install new roofing over the charity's industrial freezer.
- I helped facilitate a clothing drive.
- I helped with the unloading and organization of food from delivery trucks.
- I performed general maintenance activities such as cleaning the main hall.

Organization: Broadneck National Honor Society

Grade: 10-12


- General aid within the school building and helping teachers with various tasks. For example, aiding the band director to organize the school's supply of sheet music.
- Facilitating food drives such as "Harvest for the Hungry."
- Facilitating toy and clothing drives around the holidays for children in need.
- Mulching and restoring trails around the community.
- Aiding with a kickball fundraiser.
- Volunteering at the Magothy River Middle School Marlin Night, which is essentially a fair for the middle school.
- Volunteering at the Broadneck Elementary Fall Festival.
- Volunteering as a sand pit raker for an indoor track event.
- Tutoring various subjects for students at Broadneck High School.
- Helping to run 9th Grade Day, which is the introduction day for Freshmen at Broadneck High School.
- Cleaning up the school during efforts such as Custodian Day as well as Campus Clean-Ups.
- In partnership with Happy Helpers for the Homeless, packaged meals for the homeless.

Organization: Boy Scouts of America / Scouting

Grade: 9-12


- Installing drainage pipes and a gutter system at a local church.
- Building and installing bat houses on multiple occasions.
- Building a handicap accessible walkway at Goshen Farm.
- Aiding in the winter relief program through Gloria Dei church.
- Constructing bulk meal kits for delivery to Haiti.
- Cleaning up and mulching various trails.
- Participated in collecting food for the hungry (Scouting for Food).
- Log splitting for comunal firewood at campgrounds.
- Order of the Arrow retreat where we cleaned up scrap metal from a local workshop and raised a fence at a local park.
- Helping to carry out camp activities with younger kids.
- Building shelving for a local church.
Organization: Broadneck Science National Honor Society

Grade: 10-12


- Helping to set up, run, and clean up the Broadneck STEAM Night
- Aiding science teachers with various activities such as moving and maintaining experimental physics equipment.
- Cleaning up Broadneck Park via the removal of litter and other pollutants.

Organization: St. Andrews by the Bay Parish

Grade: 9-12


- Filling backpacks with clothing items and distributing them amongst the needy.
- Serving in a meal line (soup line) during Advent.

Organization: Eco Action Team

Grade: 10-11


- Worked to collect materials that could be reused or would otherwise be harmful to the environment for safe disposal (i.e. technology and paint).
- Worked to collect dried out markers around the school to be converted into usable building materials like bricks.
- Helped maintain and improve the courtyard and garden at Broadneck High School.

Organization: Broadneck Athletics - Boys Varsity Cross Country

Grade: 12


- Mulched and cleared the cross-country course which doubles as a local path through Goshen Farm.
- Worked to collect the school's recycling.
- President of Investment Club - 12th grade
- Vice President of Physics Club - 11th and 12th grade
- Head science tutor for the National Honor Society - 12th grade
- Co-Captain and competition coordinator for the math team - 12th grade
- Co-Captain of Envirothon team - 11th grade
Boy Scouts / Scouts of America

Timeline: October 2017 – October 2023 - 6th grade to 12th grade

- Member of troop 995.
- Attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in scouting.
- Nominated for the Baltimore Area Council best Eagle Scout project award for constructing an amphitheater at City of Refuge Baltimore.
- Nominated and inducted into the Order of the Arrow (Scout's honor society).
- Patrol leader.
- Bugler.
- Completed the COPE leadership program.
- Earned 36 merit badges.


Timeline: May 2022— August 2022 - 10th grade

- Designed a foot-operated door-locking system to reduce germ transmission in public restrooms.
- Filed and received a provisional patent for my invention (number 63/351,296).
- Attempted to license the product for production.


Timeline: September 2020— September 2023 - 9th grade to 11th grade

- Played the trumpet in high school (fourth chair).
- Participated in concert band.
- Participated in jazz band.
- Competed in annual performance evaluations -- achieved top marks in
- Selected for all county band (10th grade).
- Selected for all county band camp (10th grade).
- Traveled to Portugal and Spain to perform in historic venues with the high
school band.

Research assistant at the University of Maryland Baltimore County - 10th grade summer

During the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year, I interned with the biology department at University of Maryland Baltimore County. The research we performed was directed towards understanding the process of septation in various strands of fungi in response to a variety of stimuli.
John Schiller
Sarah Chih
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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